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Mowing is set on a weekly schedule to insure a professional look of your property and promote a healthy lawn. Our mowing heights vary from 2.5" to 3.5" depending on the time of the year and weather conditions. Property will also be trimmed around trees, landscaping, and structures.

Typical seasonal mowing begins in late April and ends in late October.
SPRING CLEANUP: Includes dethatching of lawn, cleanout of all leaves/debris from landscape areas, and bagging of all grass clippings and debris.  Get your property looking great at the beginning of each season.  Typically performed during the month of April as soon as the weather permits.

DETHATCHING:  Generally done in the spring by non-mechanical steel tines mounted on a commercial mower. Removes a limited amount of thatch and promotes early spring growth and green-up (included in spring cleanup). 

CORE AERATION: Recommended every year on irrigated or compacted turf in the spring or fall. Aeration increases water and fertilizer uptake, decreases disease development, and promotes turf grass rooting and thatch breakdown.

FALL CLEANUP:  Cleanout all leaves/debris from landscaped areas, bagging of leaves from lawn/landscape and final mowing.  Fall cleanup typically performed between November 1 though November 10, weather permitting. 

Golden Valley - Nov. 8, 2009

Brooklyn Park - May 15, 2010


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